The world has Changed

Time to Change too. Time to watch everything That’s going on in the world ?

You might wonder why ? But the world is so different now White is Black and up is down we are all responsible for each other , this what make us human .              But funny thing about that it is our money is what gives us power and respect by the ( rich and power)  government and the world . The world only listens to is money ? Used your brain and money and the powerful will listen to what you have say , really!




Sacha Psychic Reader

The world, Donald Trump wants you to know, is “a horrible mess.” Radical Islamic terrorists are gathering strength. Christians are being executed en masse in the Middle East. Illegal immigrants lurk in the shadows. Gangs operate with impunity in our cities. The U.S. murder rate, the President falsely claims, “is the highest it’s been in…

via No President Has Spread Fear Like Donald Trump — TIME

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