Sacha Psychic Reader

The one thing that change my life was when I met my husband,

For all things that I’ve seen, and all for the different people that I’ve met in my life he’s one thing I know for sure was meant from God. We new each other from the monet we talk on the phone. Two complete stangers And when we saw each other for first time , we both realezed we were with each other before? We look at each other and we new that we were always been togather ?

I know that a lot of people may think that this is so crazy ? But it’s true !

We’ve all been here before , we’ve all met the same people over and over , for bad or for good ?    What ever you think leads you What God or Great Power or Spirit sometime you can feel it in your bones and skin that you need to be near them  , to smell or taste and feel the same people over and over and you don’t know why?  It’s not  just food that was change the world or us . It’s to be with the same people over and over?